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Technicien en informatique

Montreal College of Information Technology is dedicated to equipping students with a comprehensive skill set in software development and maintenance, network/system troubleshooting, and proficient coding using widely-used programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and .Net. The curriculum also emphasizes the integration of DevOps best practices, empowering you to effectively employ DevOps principles for performance measurement and engineering evaluation throughout the product life cycle.

This program places a strong emphasis on DevOps principles, including continuous integration, deployment automation, infrastructure as code, and continuous improvement, fostering collaboration within development teams. Following the development phase, the program delves into networking skills, encompassing installation, configuration, and management of various operating systems, including Microsoft servers, diverse Linux distributions supported by virtualization tools, and network infrastructure with a focus on data and network security.

MCIT’s mission is to maintain the program and curriculum in alignment with industry standards, ensuring that you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the cutting-edge high-tech sector.

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